September Postcards from Symi

The squills are back, fighting their way through the most inhospitable terrain imaginable, to give us the first flowers of the ‘second spring.’

The leaves are falling fast now. These are from my almond trees.

Hay being baled the old fashioned way in a field in Pedi. Masons are busy, rebuilding the old stone perimeter wall. The gate is new.

This cat has chosen the most extraordinarily uncomfortable perch. At first glance I thought I was looking at an owl as the cat was perfectly still.

The Cretan pot man is back, hawking his wares. The means of production and delivery may have changed but the shapes have not changed in a couple of thousand years.

Two more Pedi cats, this time self-appointed custodians of a house under-going restoration on the water front on the way to St Nicholas’ beach.
Water levels have been very high recently and I noticed a school of tiny fish, swirling around the baled nets on the quay in Pedi recently. The shadows are clearer than the fish themselves.

Author: adrianashum1960

Writer, foodie and self-sufficiency enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “September Postcards from Symi”

  1. You are so fortunate to enjoy my ancestral homeland that I will never see during this life but I truly do appreciate all the photos, especially the non-tourist photos depicting the normal daily lives of my relatives and other natives and the areas that are not normally or usually photographed such as the nets, construction, and the hay.

  2. Hi Adriana, super photos as usual.
    Can you give us some information on the new Kamares Taverna in Pedi please? Is it just a bar or is it serving food too?

    1. I believe they have now reduced their menu to snacks rather than mezze now that there are few people around but a week or so ago we had some excellent mezze meals there. It is not a taverna. More an ouzeri.

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