Change for the sake of it?

After a hectic few weeks of a highly compressed tourist season I thought I would post a few ‘September Postcards from Symi’ to share with you. To my horror, WordPress have decided to ‘improve’ their product. I am still coming to grips with the enforced ‘improvements’ to the new Facebook which seems to involve more scrolling to access less information. I did not expect WordPress to also spring such enforced changes upon me without the option of reverting back to the familiar Classic without having to locate and download some sort of plug-in. While the new Block system may be wonderful, I do not have time this morning to indulge in several hours of learning curve to work out how to upload photographs in the new format.

The pictures are formated and ready to upload. Perhaps I will have time this afternoon. My intentions are good. Promise!

Author: adrianashum1960

Writer, foodie and self-sufficiency enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Change for the sake of it?”

  1. Lovely to hear Vincent is still well, and so miss seeing him on Symi, have some great memories of meeting upmat the Pedi Beach Hotel.

  2. Hi Adriana,
    So enjoy reading your blog, and reminiscing about Symi, thank you for all of your input and keeping us all who so love Symi updated.
    Your recent message from Vincent brought back some lovely memories of both him and his lovely Ursula and great time s at Michael’s Taverna…
    Thank you for the memories,

    Alan and Sandra Pryer

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