PCR testing facilities in Rhodes

Information regarding PCR tests on Rhodes.

Many of you are likely to require PCR tests before you fly home from your Greek holiday this year, particularly if you are still waiting to be vaccinated. At present time there are no PCR testing facilities for tourists on Symi. Here are the contact details of some places you can contact in Rhodes to book your test. There are, no doubt, others, but these are places suggested by people who have travelled recently.

Please note, I am only offering this information as a guideline. It is up to you to find out if you need to do this or not as the situation changes daily from country to country. You will also need to check if you need to book your test in advance and how long it will take to receive the results before your flight home.

It is useful to know that the Greek government capped the price of a PCR test at 60 euros so no clinic or testing facility can charge you more than this.

  1. Life Check, Amerikis Street. 22410 23341
  2. Euromedica Private clinic (this is out of town)
  3. Krito Clinic 3 Metaxa Street 22410 30020
  4. MedExams Agios Nikolaos Square 22410 39005

Safe journey and we hope to see you on Symi this summer!

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8 thoughts on “PCR testing facilities in Rhodes”

  1. To help people looking for Lifecheck on Amerikis, I posted a correction on Google Maps recently to correct wrong/out-of-date information there (and fortunately on their webpage, and hence on this blog post). Information was supplied by Glen Beestone when he went to UK in January. My entry on Google Maps reads as follows:-

    “ Google Maps has this in the wrong place and wrong address! It should actually be 119 Amerikis, or close to there. My friend went there in January 2021 and wrote the following:-

    “OK. Lifecheck is nowhere near where Google Maps reckons it is but it’s still really close to the Plaza Hotel…

    Come out of the Plaza, turn right and then left (onto Amerikis away from the old town towards the Casino/ Turkish cemetery direction) and it’s about 90 yards down that street on the right.

    Look out for the Rhodes Horizon Hotel on the left. Directly opposite this hotel is the old “Lindos market”.Go all the way around the back of there (right hand side is easiest ) and it’s one floor up. Below is a screen grab from Google Maps itself:-

    Cost was €60. Results next day (so factor this in to planning for trips out of Greece).

    Hope this helps – and that somebody at Google can correct this!!!!”

    Google now seems to have moved the marker for LifeCheck, but not corrected the address !”

    1. Interestingly LifeCheck’s own actual website, which is not generated by Google, gives their address as 50 Amerikis Street so perhaps they moved without updating their website.

  2. If your pre-departure PCR test is positive, presumably you will not be allowed to fly, so what would happen then? Are you subject to local isolation requirements for however long that may be. Where would you stay, and for how long? Self-isolation could be very difficult to arrange. Impact on flights etc.

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