Not Much Happening on Symi this Spring

Well, here we are.  Keeping track of the passage of time is easier by looking at the changing vegetation in the valley than by any variations in the day’s routines.  The clocks have changed and the days grow longer.  Trees unfurl their spring greenery and the goats and sheep gorge themselves on a banquet of corona daisies (yes, that really is their name) and purple-blue lupins.  The air smells faintly of sun-warmed chamomile blossom and wild sage.

I don’t know what it is like in the harbour or Chorio as I have not been to either for a fortnight but down in Pedi we have random police patrols to check that everyone is behaving.  The old boys still tend their fields and flocks – farmers, smallholders and apiarists are part of the essential workers and if this year’s tourist season is a total write-off they may be crucial to putting food on the table for many families.  Permits have been devised to allow them to continue to function.  There is also a special permit that allows legitimate animal welfare organisations throughout Greece to continue with animal feeding schemes.

Preventing people from wandering off to do their own thing is, however, proving to be more of a challenge.  As the weather warms up a new prohibition has been brought in, preventing swimming, spear fishing, kayaking and various other water sports. This is not because the government is a bunch of spoilsports.  It is because it is difficult enough to police the streets to restrict unnecessary journeys as it is without having to try to keep an eye on what people are up to along Greece’s incredibly convoluted shoreline and most of these activities are non-essential and tend to attract the company of others.  Only commercial fishing boats are allowed to operate.

A third case of Covid-19 has been diagnosed in Rhodes – a young woman returning to her home on the island from the UK.  Fortunately she was maintaining the required 14 days quarantine when she became ill.

The government is hinting at further movement restrictions and expanding on the SMS system so that it shows the time one returns, not just the time one sets off, for any one of the approved reasons for movement and limiting the number of times any one person may leave home in a day.  This is likely to replace the Document B which those who don’t have Greek mobile phones tend to use.  The SMS system does not work with foreign sim cards, as many expats who have not bothered to buy Greek sims are finding out.

Several villages around Kozani on the mainland have been put under severe quarantine restrictions due to an abnormally high level of contagion in the area and the local power station there has been closed down temporarily to protect the health of workers.

Keep safe, keep indoors – and keep out of the cookie jar!


Author: adrianashum1960

Writer, foodie and self-sufficiency enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Not Much Happening on Symi this Spring”

  1. Thank you, Adriana, for keeping us involved about what’s happening in Symi & how everyday life is evolving due to the virus. We have a month booked in September. What will be, will be.
    Thinking of all of our Symi friends and their families and wishing them and you, good health.

  2. Hi Adriana
    Its a unreal world now .. I keep my fingers crossed, that we still can go on Holliday to Rhodos the 11e of june and to Symi …. but i’m affraid that we have to chance the dates.
    Stay safe and take care
    xxx Ans Eversteijn

  3. Thank you for painting this picture of life on Symi, albeit in black & white. However I look forward to your colour picture which will return at some point in the future.
    Life in Manchester is much the same as that on Symi, only being allowed to leave home for essential journies. Much love from England to all on Symi

  4. Hello Adriana
    It’s lovely to read your reports on island life. We spent so many happy years sailing to Symi and the Dodeconese Islands meeting you and Nick along the way in Cyprus and Symi. We hope that you are well and stay safe during these crazy times. best wishes Richard & Kathy.

  5. Hello Adriana.
    Seems a long time ago that we were in Cyprus. Still using your painted pots !
    Keep the little stories coming.
    I have just arrived back into the UK after a year in New Zealand.
    Please get in touch

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