Stormy Symi January 2019

The view from the top of the island, looking towards Nissyros and Kos
agios andreas church pedi 1
Agios Andreas Church, next to the Pedi Beach Hotel
A seasonal brook near the Ancient Fortifiation of Old Drakos in the Pedi Valley
between storms pedi
A quiet interlude between storms
double rainbow from pedi
Double rainbow across Pedi
The same rainbow, as seen from the top of the Pedi valley
first almond blossom pedi
The first almond blossoms, in a field behind Taverna Katsaras in Pedi.
flooded garden pedi
A flooded garden near the Pedi Beach Hotel
lemons in pedi
Lemons in an old walled garden.
moving nanny goat agios andreas pedi
Moving a nanny goat.
orchard with cat
Walled orchard in Pedi
rainbow pedi with st george church
Rainbow’s end in Pedi bay
seaweed pedi
Seaweed tide line after a winter storm in Pedi
vegetable garden pedi
Vegetable garden in Pedi


Winter in the Mediterranean may conjure up visions of mild temperatures, sunny days and pavement cafes.  This can happen, if you are lucky, but most of the time, particularly in January and February, it can be very wet, extremely windy and, on occasion, even snowy.

This year the snow even crept to sea level in places like Corfu, Skopelos and Thessalonica. Rhodes had heavy snowfalls on the mountain tops and the Evzones found themselves strutting their stuff outside Syntagma, Athens, surrounded by the white stuff.

We have had ferry disruptions of one sort or another every week since December and the Best Western Plaza hotel in Rhodes is offering special rates for Symiots hanging about, waiting for boats and doctor’s appointments.

On a personal note, I have been out of circulation for many weeks, due to severe back problems.  A strict regime of bed rest, exercises and medication under the supervision of an orthopaedic specialist in Rhodes seems to be working but I have to be very careful about how much time I spend sitting at the computer and have only recently been able to go for short walks, with the help of a stick.  It is unfortunate that the Symi bus is out of circulation so I cannot venture further afield.  At the moment my perambulations are strictly local but I can at least provide you with some photographs to give you an idea of what Pedi looks like in January.



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5 thoughts on “Stormy Symi January 2019”

  1. Very nice to have you ‘back’. Been missing Your updates even though we have James’ nice blog, so we still can follow life om Symi.
    Sad to hear of your back problems. Having had a discus prolaps myself I know how painfull it can be. I hope you will soon have recovered completely.
    Kind regards.
    Edmon Hansen
    Symi lover

  2. Thank you Adriana. It’s great to keep in touch with Symi through the winter period. It makes me feel I am there of sorts and makes the countdown to June seem quicker! I hope your back feels better soon and no doubt you will be looking forward to the drier warmer weather to ease the pain.
    Always looking forward to your next blog.

  3. Thanks Adriana, for your update. I had missed seeing your news.

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been incapacitated with a severe bad back. It can affect everything that you have/need to do and I do sympathise. I hope that the advice of your medical team is helping to alleviate the symptoms somewhat and that you can look forward to Spring, feeling more mobile and active.

    I had a (minor, compared to yours) back problem 2 years ago and the physio recommended by the Dr was so good. She pummelled me a bit but gave me specific exercises for my problem and after a few weeks of exercises and visits, I was pain free. If I do feel some pain coming on, I do the exercises and the pain goes away.

    I hope that yours responds as positively.

    Kind Regards,



  4. So sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering Adriana. Hope that the Spring weather to come will help ease it.

  5. After searching in vain for fresh blogs I am pleased to have found 2019 ones! Get properly well soon . I don’t envy you the steps when and if you navigate these . One reason I have not visited Symi to be honest. Keep up your lovely blogs please. How about some on live musical entertainment to be found in various haunts ..Greek and other genres? You asked for suggestions.m

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